Building tools to help patients and providers thrive.

Moss, the soft, squishy, forest carpet is remarkable. It's resilient, adaptable, and persistent - just like you.

Welcome to Moss Health. This is our story.

our story

Years before I started my career in mental health, I explored the New England woods collecting pebbles, acorns, and moss with my mom. The intricacies of nature became her canvas, turning lichen and owl pellets into works of art. I later learned that some of what made her sparkle, plunged her into darkness. Her bipolar disorder diagnosis came years later, and shaped my purpose. 

After years of failed medication trials, insurance struggles, and treatment programs, she eventually found a therapeutic regime that works for her. While no single treatment is a panacea, I believe that seeking alternative, effective options is something that should be available to everyone. 

That is why I started Moss Health. We are building Moss Health to support this effort, of education, research, and access to these treatments. We want to support all parties in the healthcare ecosystem - providers, patients, and payors - in achieving the mutual goal of alleviating suffering. With years of experience working in the context of these three perspectives, our team is equipped and eager to create value for all.

our team

Emma Beck
Founder, CEO
Hadi Javeed
Tech Lead
Charlie Beck
Design Lead

our advisors

Dr. Brian Boyle, MD
CEO Measured Wellness
McLean Hospital Ketamine Service 
Dr. Ish  Bhalla
Medical Director Behavioral Health
Value Transformation Blue Cross NC
Dr. Rebecca Price
Professor Psychiatry UPMC
Ketamine DTx Expert
Dr. Katrina Roundfield
Co-Founder and CMO @ Appa Health
Dr. David Mou, MD, MBA
CEO Cerebral
HMS Trained Psychiatrist